Ruth, she’s a world changer

Ruth has had a positive impact on the way in which I parent. Her willingness to share the highs and lows and metaphorically kick me up the butt if I become self absorbed has and will continue to make me a better mum and person all round. She’s changed the world by who she is,… Continue reading Ruth, she’s a world changer

Lisa, she’s a world changer

Lisa is the first person you need to call in a crisis but the last person to ever ask for a thank you. She has enabled others to learn more about themselves through her honesty and love. She embraces new ideas and gives them energy while understanding the importance of slowing some of us down(!)… Continue reading Lisa, she’s a world changer

Antoinette, she’s a world changer

Antoinette’s heart is bigger than anything I can imagine. Her heart for justice and ability to do something about injustice is an inspiration. I am so thankful for the imprint she leaves on my heart and the many others she encounters and also for he challenge that the way she chooses to live impacts my… Continue reading Antoinette, she’s a world changer

Who makes your history book?

There’s a quote from Laurel Thather Ulrich that says “well behaved women seldom make history”. This is a quote that I have heard in so a many different contexts and even directed at myself and my girls! My biggest frustration with this quote when used out of context has been the presumption that if a… Continue reading Who makes your history book?

10 things I thought in a 90 minute football match!

Warning: this post is from someone who is not a football fan and it’s not all about parenting an autist! Yesterday I went to my first football match in a very long time and I thought I’d write down some of my thought processes! 1. My husband is wonderful for sharing it with us. Me… Continue reading 10 things I thought in a 90 minute football match!